bunq is a mobile bank that offers a clean alternative to traditional banks. Positioned as the bank of the free, bunq was hungry to present their revolutionary alternative to a world bullied by the old system. To create awareness and relevance with a young audience a content campaign was launched on Vice Europe – a campaign for a bank that stars a real bank robber telling people how banks are stealing their money.

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Truth, Lies and Banking

with Jason Coghlan

“Nobody robs banks anymore. These days, it’s the banks robbing us.”

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a traditional investment

with Robert King

“I don’t really understand it. It’s a dark, murky world that you just don’t hear about” says war photographer Robert King. And he’s not the only one that sees the banking industry in that light. Banks have made it their prerogative to conduct business in stealth mode. One of their highest priorities is to keep customers in the dark about hidden costs, questionable transactions and shady deals. Especially because it’s the customer’s money that’s financing them. This series, created for the mobile-bank bunq, aimed to raise awareness by uncovering the deceitful ways of traditional banking.
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Withdraw yourself

with Louis Loveless

Louis Loveless – the enfant terrible of enfant terribles. Tattooist, agitator and provocateur. The infamous boy from Croydon in south London has made a name for himself in recent years. Primarily through his work as a tattoo artist. Exponentially also, as a symbol for disruption. An influencer if you will – but of a different kind. One that exists outside the constrains of mainstream. Instead of blindly following rules, Loveless question’s society, norms and advocates a disobedient way of life. An attitude that speaks to young people, who are not willing to conform to the old ways of banking.